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Project Details

Client: Yokohama Tire

Date: February 3, 2016

Yokohama Tire honored the State of Mississippi by selecting the City of West Point as the location for its North American manufacturing complex. Having examined our qualifications and experience record, Kajima Associates / Architects and Engineers, P.C. selected Pritchard Engineering as geotechnical consultant for the world class facility. Within a ten (10) day period, seventy-six (76) soil borings were conducted representing the 931,000 square foot Phase 1 facility, related support improvements, and future phases. Expedited laboratory analysis, experience within the project area, and close coordination with the civil and structural members of the design team allowed for delivery of the geotechnical report and recommendation within one (1) month of Notice to Proceed. Technician and technical support through the construction phase insured compliance with the geotechnical recommendations. Surveying and construction staking services were provided to insure precise construction and equipment installation; all of which contributed to maintain a rigorous delivery schedule. Upon occupancy by Yokohama Tire, our firm has provided interior surveying services for the precision placement of manufacturing machinery and has provided the subsurface investigation and geotechnical recommendations for the future administration building.

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