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Boundary surveys are conducted under the direct supervision of licensed land surveyors and meet or exceed the minimum standards adopted by the Mississippi State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors and appropriate ALTA requirements where specified. Topographic mapping is of the highest quality with site visible site features delineated, subsurface utilities presented through research with the Owner and/or respective providers, and elevations depicted at one (1) foot contour intervals with spot elevations provided for clarity.

Field survey data acquisition is performed by experienced personnel utilizing state of the art electronic robotic and GPS based total station instruments.  A Topcon Hipper Litet GPS offers advanced internal radio technology allowing us to work when others can’t.  A Topcon GPT – 8203M robotic instrument utilizes remarkable reflectorless range EDM for quick long range measurement.  Hardware and software are available to mobilize up to four (4) survey parties as may be required to meet schedule.

Download and survey development are accomplished by Auto Cad 2015 and Civil 3D software with the completed product issued both as hardcopy and in electronic format properly coded and layered for easy incorporation by the client into the project database.