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Geotechnical services include subsurface exploration and development of design recommendations for new structures or paving as well as forensic evaluations where warranted.  A clear understanding of project objectives developed through early communication with the client allows for development of cost efficient investigating, analysis, and documentation.


Three (3) Giddings Model 25TS and 35TS tractor mounted drill rigs allow for near all access capability.  Drilling and sampling are accomplished by the dry auger method with Shelby tubes collected and Standard Penetration tests conducted in accordance with applicable ASTM procedures as directed by the engineer. Laboratory analyses of collected specimens routinely includes assessment of soil classification and index properties complemented by determination of shear strength, CBR, and permeability as may be appropriate for the subject project.


Coordination with the Owner and design professionals allows for development of a comprehensive geotechnical report addressing the subsurface conditions encountered and providing clear concise recommendations for site development and preparation, design parameters for building foundations, earth structures, and traffic areas.  Guidelines are presented for construction phase quality assurance testing and inspection with in-house certified technicians available to perform these services.